One of many different types of Super Star Barbie from the 80s


Malibu Francie
Francie was a younger cousin of Barbie with a Mod attitude.


Left to right: French Dancer Barbie, Native American Barbie second edition, and Fun to Dress Teresa. These dolls are from the early 90s, my favorite time for Mattel dolls. I collected a lot of Mattel dolls in the early 90s, until I discovered Sailor Moon and Takara Dolls.
Workout Skipper Doll Mattel

Work Out Skipper
There are two versions of Work Out Skipper each is slightly different from the other. This version of Young Teen Skipper has developed spots on her legs. The spots could be white or orange in color.


Super Star Barbie Doll
Malibu Francie
International Barbie Doll French Native American
Hawaii Fun Christie
Hawaii Fun Christie 1990 in original suit
Boo-tiful Halloween Barbie Doll
Boo-tiful Halloween Barbie Doll 2004
This doll with white hair is popular. She is a Ghost. She was one of the last Barbie created before Mattel redesigned Barbie's Body.
Cali Ken Doll by Mattel 2004 real hair
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Cali Ken Doll 2004 The more popular Ken Dolls had real hair instead of molded hair. Ken generated many clones such as Andy by Eegee. G. I. Joe has nothing to do with Ken and was created by Kenner. Did you know early Ken had a friend doll named Allen? Allen married Midge and then disappeared out of Ken's Life. Barbie and Midge don't hang out together anymore either.
Surfer Kayla Doll
Two Versions of Surfer Kayla a Kelly Club Doll
Kelly and Todd are younger then Skipper dolls often used as ring bearer and flower girl in Barbie and Midge wedding sets. One of the dolls is more rare and referred to as a lemon head. The doll with the smaller head was redesigned to look more natural in 2003.
What Fashion Doll page would be complete with a mention of Barbie which is a copyright of Mattel Inc. Barbie was the first fashion doll. Barbie was inspired by Bild Lilli a German Fashion doll based on a comic strip of a modern German Girl in 1955. Early Barbies looks similar to Bild Lilli, but changed greatly over time to fit with evolving styles and fashions. Barbie is still number one today on the fashion doll market.
Barbie and her friends and family

Maxie vs. Jazzie
Hasbro discontinued Jem in 1987 and released a teenaged doll called Maxie. So immediately Mattel released Jazzie. I know Maxie was released first because I was shopping in the stores looking for clearance Jem dolls at the time when Maxie came out. Neither doll was successful. Jazzie was supposed to be a cousin to Barbie like Francie. But, Jazzie looked a lot like Maxie, so buyers could pick Maxie or Jazzie. Even the names were almost the same. Jazzie is the Mattel doll, but would be considered the copy cat or the clone. Jazzie was not a lower quality plastic so she does not qualify for clone status, but merely copy cat status. I found Jazzie to be more attractive then Maxie. However, my favorite Maxie was the first edition of Maxie dolls. Maxie lasted for three years. At the time I was so upset about Jem not being made anymore that I refused to buy any Maxie Dolls, and I started to buy Barbie Dolls shortly after the demise of Jem. One tend in doll has been to make the playline dolls for children cheaper and cheaper and try to convince adults to buy Adult Line Collectors Dolls which cost a lot more rather then Playline dolls. Most Adults who collect Vintage Playline dolls want the same dolls from their childhoods.


Barbie is a registered trade mark of Mattel Inc.
I have nothing to do with Mattel, and these doll are not for sale. These dolls are only for reference.
All of the photos on this page are made by Mattel. All the photos are taken by me and all of these dolls are in my personal collection. This opinions on this site are not the opinions of Mattel and are no reflection on Mattel.
Mattel added more diversity to the Mattel Line of Dolls in the 1990's. Ethnic dolls with natural features.